Revealing the Secrets of Peace

Peace of mind is one of the many things that are not for sale!  Getting it and sticking to it is hard I believe. This post of mine, as the title shows shall reveal the secrets to acquire peace of mind.

We deprive our mind off peace, when we lose our urges in the want. The moment you feel, you have everything and everything is yours you can then re-pacify your mind. Although an awesome automated chemical mechanism exists to control the mood of your mind but to a great extent it can be harnessed and therefore controlled by motivating or editing your thinking process.

You are having enough money, you are “full” but still, you are far from the state of satisfaction. The state of satisfaction is a bar one puts to ones deed/need reaching which he/she screams out loud “OH I HAVE GOT IT”. The peace of your mind thus depends on this bar ( how far you set it). On having enough money            (e.g. $5000) if you start thinking of the amount with Bill Gates you are kicking peace out of your mind. But if you think of the guy who is singing on street and waiting for you to get a cent you’re a inviting peace in your mind.

The above paragraph should not drive you to weave your dreams thinking of the street singer. You must weave big and bigger dreams each night. To achieve your dream the street singer is your drug to keep you alive.

See How,

When you are thinking of Bill Gates, you can hardly take him as inspiration from the situation you are in. Instead he would turn in to a frustration stimulant for you and then when you start thinking of the street singer your spirits get rejuvenated since you find yourself at a much better position and you start planning for the next day to climb a step higher!

So to see how up you are, look at the ground not the sky. This will take you higher breaking the heights of sky with peace as the spirit of mind.

"The Cobweb"

Voices of the Frozen Frame| Rainbow on the Cobweb

The tangles and the color depicts the life. The tangles shows the struggles and the shines on the thin lines of the web shows the colors of life. The web from its center gradually grows big, showing the gradual growth of ones life. Just like ones’s life the web multiplies it self to many just like the  blooming of a new chapter of life  each dawn. The radially outward movement of the web is similar to how our life spreads itself in terms of relation, friendship, business, duties etc. with increasing age, struggles, achievements. To say more about colors it shows the moments of happiness, griefs and glories of life in which you live only ones.

"The Cobweb"
Credit: Sharat Chowdhury

Breathing rate depends on what you think!

The rate of breathing depend upon the type of thought and the number of thought your brain processes at a time . If the thought your are thinking requires a good deal of synaptic exercise where you require to search for varied information embedded in your memory, notice that your breathing rate will increase. The breaths will too be deeper and longer. Moreover multiple thoughts too play a role in the increase. As you meditate, the respiratory movements gradually decreases as your brain concentrates on one thought minimizing other thought windows. As your concentration breaks or you unconscious start thinking about something else your breathing rate increases.

When an area of the brain is active, blood flow to the respective portion increases. This is evident in fMRI scans where the image is obtained based on the oxyhaemoglobin concentration at a region. The active portion appears light. Therefore as thoughts rush through your brain, blood flow to the cerebral hemisphere increases as it requires more oxygen.This increases your breathing rate.

If Velocity Stops

Energy may be defined as a stimulant that causes motion of mass by sending signal by means of force. Lack of this stimulant helps us to differentiate between the mass in motion and static mass. Closes your eyes and try to visualize the world, the solar system, you city or the home, movement of your eyes creates a motion picture of your imagination with at least something moving. It is hard to image something static.

But halt to the velocity may bring the ultimate destruction of the world.

Think to put a hard brake on the flow of electrons, in a glance the screen on which you may be reading this text will disappear, the buzz of the moving will stop, an unknown silence will cover your known surrounding.

Think if the velocity if light stops, energy to the earth will vanish.

To kill you all it is necessary to stop the flow of blood.

If velocity stops the earth stops, temperature drops and we all die.

So be on the run.

The Vibrating Room


The ship started for its usual course out in the river but for me it was unusual because I was the passenger of my dream journey to enchant my eyes with beauty of the raging waves, the dark river, the night clouds and obviously superb wind.

As the large vessel moved, it seemed it was digging its way out! It loudly announced its arrival, splashing huge volume of water on its left and right. As the displaced water jumped and returned, one thing to hear with it was the sound that followed a rhythm to form refreshing beat.

When the waves were high, the ship shook like anything. The ship wobbled left and right in its attempt to keep itself afloat. Added to the vibrations of the roaring engine were the swings of the vessel- these two together gave rise to a different sensation. The cabin I was seated vibrated like anything and turned into a vibrating room; giving the sensation of live earthquake. This quake is different you can enjoy it without any fear or cry of death.

I have nothing much to tell about the panorama cause it was hidden in the dark. Few illuminations helped to mark the end of the horizon. But I must mention one thing for sure that is the distorted moon on water. The naughty river blinked, as the glowing moon got distorted on its surface.

Probability of meeting your “Anti-You”

Scientists claim the existence of equal amount of anti matter and even a world made of it and too claims that you meet your “twin” or “reflection” or “anti-you” out there the so-called popular concept of a “Parallel Universe”. I believe this post of mine is food for thought for the ones concerned.

How life started in both the universes has many theories lets not get into that debate, better concentrate on this assumption there is life-birth, death, babies, animals…. If so, than evolution, genetics DNA, mutations can also be accurately applied in the world of anti-matter and obviously more boldly if someone claims that your reflection is out there. So counting all this lets enter a new debate in which I will both love to lose and win.

Each of us have our own specific genotype out of which comes our phenotype. Individual to individual it varies. Two children of the same couple doesn’t look-alike ! Its is because every time the ovum and the sperms do not carry the same set of instructions or the genetic code to the embryo. The genetic crosses that can be drawn only  takes you closer to the  possible outcome but never firmly indicates it. The “set of instruction” passed on to the embryo depends widely upon factors like environment, mutations etc and there are infinite variations that make it possible for each of us to claim an individual identity both in terms of our phenotype and genotype.

@ Parallel Universe this biological interactions are must to be noticed. It is certainly not that series of event in the two universes are interconnected. That is it is not that when you eat your “anti” eats, when you sleep your “anti” sleeps. Therefore there is not supposed to be the same series of event on the same time line in the two universes. Out of the huge genetic variation I don’t feel that gamtogenesis and oogenesis will take place in the same manner to produce “anti you”. Genetic variation is branded as random as well as mutation too, therefore irrespective of so much biological distraction of the processes of formation why would antimatter particles produce exactly you?

I think the probability of finding you Anti-You is too thin.

Differentiating the Illusion

Love comes once to life. Trust me just once, but we are fooled by its illusion countless times.

A mind to mind bond gives rise to love. We get impressed by one’s look surely, even I got impressed a lot of times in fact I believe it leads to love most of the times only when the two minds make a bridge. The more stronger the mind bond the stronger is your love. But getting lost in its illusion is painful, illusion never lasts long. It says bye with a lot of pain and that is where people is mistaken, unfortunately says the divine love to be awkward, weird, stupid blah blah blah…. These adjective goes better with the illusion- “Infatuation”

Think twice before you say or even think that you are in love. Think for a while how well you know her. Will you just define her/him in this way

  • Oh s/he has got awesome eyes
  • Ah! her/his smile just kills me
  • etc etc…

To conclude if you only be able to define her/him by her/his phenotype-her/his external appearance know that you are in illusion, the bridge has yet not formed.First sight is never enough to be in love but I believe in “Love at first sight” only if it provokes you to make a mind bond.

 Thinking how to make mind bond?

Try to see the world through her eyes. See if you like the world through her eyes, see if you can make it yours. If the answer is no, QUIT.

  • What is your favorite color?
  • What do you like to do when it rains?
  • What you like most about me/ about you?

are few questions that may help you to enter one’s world.

Infatuation leads one to a different level of ecstasy. Even I like it, but never be fooled if you dream to enjoy the divine love.

Know Love, Be Lost in It.